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Our Course Outline

Dent 101 -- Introduction to Dental Assisting/Dental Anatomy (week 1)
Introduction to dentistry; the dental healthcare team; role of the dental assistant; tour of the dental office with explanation of the rooms; anatomy of the face and oral cavity; tooth anatomy, identification and location.
Dent 102 -- Infection Control (week 2)
The chain of infection; types of infections; methods of disease transmission; Roles and guidelines of both OSHA and the CDC; personal protection; disinfection and sterilization.
Dent 202 -- Infection Control Lab (week 2)
Students will have hands on training in treatment room preparation and cleanup, transportation and disposal of sharp objects and the proper cleaning and sterilization of instruments.;
Dent 103 -- Dental Radiology (week 3)
Radiology equipment; radiation effects; radiation safety; film and digital; intraoral radiography, extraoral radiography.
Dent 104 -- Chair Side Dental Assisting (week 4)
Patient information; vital signs; charting of treatment; instrument transfer; visibility; moisture control; anesthetics; bonding agents, composites, cements, impression materials and other dental materials
Dent 204 -- Chair Side Dental Assisting Lab (weeks 4 and 6)
Students will have hands on training in greeting, seating and dismissing the patient, as well as taking vital signs, charting treatment, Syringe set up, topical anesthetic placement, transferring instruments, identifying dental materials, controlling moisture using suction, cotton rolls and a dental dam.
Dent 105 -- Dental Procedures (week 5)
Set up and identification of instruments for specific procedures; fillings; matrix systems; teeth whitening; crowns, bridges and veneers; provisional coverage; dentures; implants; endodontics; oral surgery.
Dent 106 -- Emergency Care (week 6)
Students will learn the different types of medical emergencies encountered in the dental office and their role in dealing with them. Emergency kit items will be identified and students will understand the purpose of each item. Students will learn CPR and will be certified.
Dent 107 -- Preparation for Employment (week 7)
Students will learn how to create a resume and how to interview on the phone, in person and clinically.
Dent 108 -- Dental Assistant Registration and Exam (week 8)
Students will take the required course and exam to be a Registered Dental Assistant.
Dent 301 -- Externship (offered throughout 8 week program)
Students will be able view and assist in a working dental environment taking the skills learned in earlier classes and applying them to real life job situation.

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Who We Are

Houston Dental Careers was founded as a post secondary career school offering entry level training for those who wish to join the dental profession.

We believe that people can be trained in a relatively short period of time by focusing on the essential skills required to become a valuable member of any dental practice.

Houston Dental Careers

Become a Dental Assistant in 8 weeks!
Students will be able view and assist in a working dental environment taking the skills learned in earlier classes and applying them to real life job situation.


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